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What is your company worth if you cannot transmit it to your heirs?

22 November 2017
How transferring one’s estate is no new question. It has indeed been agitating minds for thousands of years. One multi-century old answer was developed under England’s common law as a concept of inter vivos trust, which has been regarded as one of the best vehicles for succession planning in common law jurisdictions.[..]

Zwei neue Banken befinden sich jetzt im SFM Banken-Portfolio mit dem Zusatz der CIBC First Caribbean International Bank und der Pacific Private Bank.

9 October 2017
Die CIBC Bank der Britischen Jungferninseln und die Pacific Private Bank von Vanuatu gehören zu den jüngsten Ergänzungen des SFM-Bankenportfolios, nachdem beide Banken ihr Interesse an der Betreuung von SFM-Kunden bestätigt haben.[..]

Heavy discount is being offered to acquire citizenship by contribution to St. Kitts’ disaster relief fund.

5 October 2017
Irma, the hurricane that laid waste to several Caribbean countries in September, has caused the St. Kitts to give a new meaning to the contribution raised in exchange of the island’s citizenship.[..]

Buying International Real Estate Using an Offshore Company as a Financial Vessel

27 August 2017
There are major benefits to buying international real estate using an offshore company as a way to create worthwhile investment holdings, providing asset protection, privacy and importantly mitigating tax. [..]